Mike Reddy is a freelance illustrator and art director, and the former Design Director for Seventeen Magazine and HGTV Magazine.

His illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Oxford American, The Boston Globe and online at the,, and He loves to work with independent publications and has contributed to Anorak, Gather Journal, Noble Rot, Racquet, The Believer, and the late great Lucky Peach. 

In addition to his editorial work, he's taken on many design projects from books to website to records, including over a dozen releases for The Fiery Furnaces and their solo output. He works on branding as Carter/Reddy with his design partner Milton Carter. Projects include The Commodore, El Cortez, and The Drift bars in Brooklyn. 

Since moving from NYC to Austin, TX in 2015, his artwork has been shown at the Austin–Bergstrom Airport, installed in the top floor of the Archer Hotel, and in the halls of Merck's new IT hub. He regularly contributes to benefit shows including I HeArt Justice for Texas Appleseed and 2016's After Hours ATX. His work has appeared on the cover of both Austin Monthly and The Austin Chronicle.

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